Monday, September 16, 2013

Dead End Drive-In

You know a movie is good when it starts out with several screens of text describing massacres and other man-made disasters that have led up to the collapsing society in which the film is taking place.

Dead End Drive-In is basically a cross between a demolition derby, a car show in the Home Depot parking lot, and a Halloween party where all the people are dressed as punks yet have never actually seen a punk in real life, but only in pictures drawn by a three year old. 

The economy of this new world revolves around fatal car accidents, which there seem to be plenty of in Australia where the film is set.The tow truck drivers pay off the cops in order to salvage wrecks, and then gangs of wild "car boys" show up to strip the wreckage to make super Mad Max-esque improvements to their own vehicles, many of these punks brandishing spiked clubs and wearing corpse paint.

Nunchucks were also observed.
There is also a main character and his girlfriend.

When the main character is not hanging out with his musclebound tow truck-driving brother, or being berated by his ethnic mother for not being musclebound enough, the main character likes to take his disturbingly cute girlfriend to a dangerous movie drive-in. In this way, we establish that young lovers in that mad, mad world are relatively the same as the ones in this mad, mad world.

Of course the worst thing that can happen to you, when your disturbingly cute girlfriend is riding you at the drive-in, is for a couple blokes to sneak up and steal the wheels off one side of your brother's car, which you are borrowing, and he'll KILL YOU if anything happens to it.  Even worse, turns out it was the cops who took your wheels.

(Whatever movie the drive-in is playing is totally awesome and I wish they would show more of it. A guy gets impaled by some kind of booby trap and a bunch of shit blows up.)

The drive-in has its own weird community living there, because apparently the government has made it illegal to leave the premises if you can't drive your own car out. At first it is kind of rad. There's graffiti and break dancing and post-punk music and popcorn. But the main character is too cool to just accept his fate. He smirks and rolls his eyes and won't give up on the idea of ever leaving this drive-in. It's been a whole day. He's just being unrealistic. And his girlfriend let's him know it. 

A girl with glowing tits gets out of a police van. A guy with a stutter insults the main character. Main character has to beat a dude's ass. Shit starts looking bleak.
Fights, explosions and car stunts follow. It's pretty damn rad.


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