Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Invasion of the Bee Girls

This is really what I'd call a C-movie. It's not quite the highest grade of B-movie (ironically), but it's certainly still a pro operation, unlike Z-grade crap like The Blood Waters of Dr. Z or The Beast of Yucca Flats. 

One of the main purposes behind Invasion of the Bee Girls seems to be to see how many times the word "balling" can worked into a script. We get into some heavy psychological theory: men desire to die while balling, but they also fear it. Freud said something about that. Someone was doing some research.

The bee girls, for some reason, also desire to kill men during sex. That's the plot of this. Pseudo-feminist revolution type thing. But it's more like a film showing why it is okay to kill feminists, or capture them and study them in labs.

It's got just about everything an early 70s sexploitation film usually has: Nudity. Attempted rape. Ugly-colored cars running over guys. Wah-wah action soundtrack. A prominently featured flabby ass.

If the prospect of topless chicks with crazy bee-eyes sounds good, this might be the film for you. It's certainly not the best film of its kind, but it's also probably worth a watch for real B-movie enthusiasts (read as: completists).


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